Monday, June 4, 2012


Once upon a time, in a place called  “MangoFriends Village” there lived a man named Mr. Bananaraj with his wife Radishelyn, daughter Ralyn and son Ramil. He had a nice, big mango tree full of juicy mangoes in his garden. One day, both Mr. Bananaraj and wife Radishelyn went to the garden to pick some juicy mangoes. The tree was loaded with mangoes and soon they got a basket full of mangoes. It was a hot day with the sun shining brightly, so they sat down under the same tree to eat and relish them. They both extremely enjoyed the delicious mangoes.
Ralyn and Ramil came and became curious to know who sowed that mango tree. Mr. Bananaraj replied that it was sown by him. He also said that at that time the tree wasn’t so huge and there were hardly any fruits on it. But now when he has grown old, the tree has started giving so many fruits that they can eat to their heart’s content. Ralyn argued that why did he sow the seed when he could just enjoy the fruits of his labour when he is in his last days and not during his entire lifetime? Mrs. Radishelyn gave a very diplomatic answer saying that he sowed that seed in his childhood so that his children or the grandchildren would have the chance to eat those juicy mangoes. He knew that a mango seed takes many years to grow into a complete tree and bear fruits.This meant that Mr. Bananaraj did not think about himself while sowing the seed but thought about his children’s needs. Ralyn and Ramil understood the noble deed done by their father and soon followed suit by taking a mango seed and sowing it near the mango tree. He also did not think about himself but about the future generation, that is, his grandchildren. He cared for the mango sapling throughout his lifetime. Sometimes while watering his sapling he would dream that he is with his future grandchildren and both of them are enjoying the fruits of his labour.
Similarly we should also not think just about ourselves but about everybody around us, even if it means thinking about the people who are not yet born on this earth. This is when you can say that you have done “SERVICE BEFORE SELF”.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Amazing lipstick: Amazing Lipstick

Amazing lipstick: Amazing Lipstick: Last January 31,2011 was our second month anniversary with my boyfriend. I was surprised when he gave me a lipstick with different shades.  ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amazing Lipstick

Last January 31,2011 was our second month anniversary with my boyfriend. I was surprised when he gave me a lipstick with different shades.  He knew that I was planning about to buy it. I was amazed through using it. I felt more inlove with my boyfriend, he knows my likes and  my personal needs. 
The Amazing lipstick has long-lasting colors and fantastic finishes. Outrageously vivid color and high-impact shine in a glossy lip formula that glides on smoothly and enhances fullness of the lips. It provides sophisticated, ultra-smooth shine in a nourishing, vitamin-rich formula. Amazing lipstick has a lip brush with a weighted handle and fine, silky bristles to provide precision application. It Also protects my lips while delivering beautiful shine and smooth wear. I love using amazing lipstick as I love my boyfriend